Bug#642750: [PATCH] epiphany-browser: *HIGHLY* unstable on ia64, (IA-64/IPF/Itanium) platform

Gustavo Noronha Silva kov at debian.org
Mon Dec 10 09:58:00 UTC 2012


On Sex, 2012-12-07 at 21:58 +0100, Stephan Schreiber wrote:
> So here is a new set of patches:
> 01-ia64-wide-ptr.patch at first,
> 02-ia64-use-system-malloc.patch at next.
> The patches are for the most recent libwebkitgtk-3.0-0 package of Wheezy.
> The patches don't change anything on archs other than ia64.

Thanks for the patches! I will include them in my next upload, do you
mind proposing them upstream, though? I don't feel like I know enough of
this bit of the code to propose them myself.

See http://www.webkit.org/coding/contributing.html


Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov at debian.org>

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