Bug#642750: [PATCH] epiphany-browser: *HIGHLY* unstable on ia64, (IA-64/IPF/Itanium) platform

Stephan Schreiber info at fs-driver.org
Sat Dec 22 10:43:00 UTC 2012

Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:

> Thanks for the patches! I will include them in my next upload, do you
> mind proposing them upstream, though? I don't feel like I know enough of
> this bit of the code to propose them myself.

Yes, I do - any assistance of you is appreciated.
I think, webkit 1.8.1 is an outdated version for the upstream; I would  
make more sense to make another patch for the most recent webkit 1.11.
Since there are some other difficult ia64 RC bugs to do and the  
porters are understaffed, I attempt to do it after the release of  

Btw: It seems that fixing of epiphany/webkit isn't completed because  
it doesn't work satisfactory yet.


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