Removing armel from the list of arches we build for

Joey Hess joeyh at
Wed Aug 21 20:36:03 UTC 2013

Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
> armel has been one of the sore points of maintaining WebKit in Debian.
> It often fails to build the package because of lack of memory or disk
> space. I'm told by my colleague Hector Oron that WebKit's utility for
> armel is quite limited, given it's often used headless rather than
> providing a graphical user interface of some kind.

Sounds like the same kind of "surely noone uses this" rationalization we
always see when going back to see why some package we use got removed
from Debian.

> Would there be anyone opposed to no longer building WebKitGTK+ for
> armel?

I suppose you could start by considering both Raspberry Pi users and
Samsung Chromebook users. Neither may use exactly armel, but either
could be affected by this. (Raspian is probably based on armel.)

More generally, there is a vast amount of arm systems with displays
attached. Arm was probably used mostly headless 10 years ago, but this
is increasignly not the case, and I was using webkit on arm systems over
5 years ago.

see shy jo
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