WebKit2GTK+ packages ready to be uploaded

Alberto Garcia berto at igalia.com
Mon Aug 25 11:35:55 UTC 2014

I think the new WebKitGTK+ packages are ready, I plan to upload them
to experimental today or tomorrow, but due to the importance of the
changes that I made you might want to take a look in order to suggest


I'm summarizing the main changes here:

  - I rewrote the debian/rules script, it now uses the debhelper
    sequencer and builds with cmake instead of autotools.

  - The old WebKit1 packages don't exist anymore and the WebKit2
    packages have been renamed using the new API version number
    (4.0). I also removed all the -common packages since they no
    longer make sense.

  - I moved the documentation to an arch:all separate package.

  - The upstream tarball came with a couple of non-free files. One of
    them is a compressed (minified) version of jquery. I removed it
    and shipped the original version instead. I do the minification at
    build time.

  - The other file is FontWithNoValidEncoding.fon, which is supposed
    to be a font file in the form of a DOS executable. I decided to
    remove it since we don't need it anyway.

I think that's all. The packages are lintian clean and seem to work

I'm attaching the contents of each one of them.

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