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Thu Feb 27 16:31:59 UTC 2014

Dear friend,
I am mandan jamilah ahmed kahlifa and I am from syria, presently in the refuse camp in london, I have one kids and I have lost my husband during the war in aleppo last six month ago, before is death he was a contractor, husband and a good father.
more than three years ago, $ 10 billion pipelineistan deal was clinched between iran, iraq and syria for a natural gas pipeline to be built by 2016 from iran’s giant south pars field, traversing iraq and syria with a possible extension to lebanon. Key export target market: Europe
my husband was awarded a contract that worth 7 million dollars, and since the past two year and seven months ago syria my country plunged into civil war, there was no pipeline talk. Up until now.
Thank God that husband did not save the fund in the house and he was clever enough to save the fund with a security vault in switzerland.
Please I want you help me to receive this fund in your name and also to help me to find a safe place to keep it.
I have some document proof as a next of kin to his inheritance and I am asking you if I would turst you? And if you are willing to follow up my instructions to achive a sucessful completion.
to confirm what i am saying you should click this link below:

Let me know if you are capable to help me, so that I would send you more details and some vital document that would enable you to contact the vault.
Yours sincerely,
Jamilah Ahmed Kahlifa.

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