Bug#747051: libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0: regular expression matching wrong on armel

Alberto Garcia berto at igalia.com
Tue May 13 12:37:16 UTC 2014


first of all thanks a lot for sharing your findings!

On Fri, May 09, 2014 at 08:14:41PM -0700, wh wrote:

> I only have one armel device. It's one of those super-cheap
> netbooks. Since the test passed for Alberto though, I have no idea
> what would cause it.

I only tested it in a virtual machine. I can try with the same
kernel as you, or at least a more recent one and see if it makes any

In any case it would also be interesting to see if it also happens in
the master branch.

Do you know if it also happened with previous releases (in particular
with the 2.2.x series)?


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