Bug#834761: Improve handling of 'sourceURL' on JSEvaluateScript (and avoid segmentation fault)

Sergio Durigan Junior sergiodj at sergiodj.net
Thu Aug 18 18:36:08 UTC 2016

Package: libjavascriptcoregtk-1.0-0
Version: 2.4.11-2+b2
Tags: patch

Hi there,

As reported on #688640 and #834236, a recent update of
libjavascriptcore-1.0-0 broke Midori 0.5.11-ds1-3, causing a
segmentation fault right on startup.

The reason for this is the incorrect/not-so-strict handling of the
'sourceURL' argument on JSEvaluateScript (from
Source/JavaScriptCore/API/JSBase.cpp).  Midori passes 'sourceURL' as
NULL (and always did), but recently, because JSEvaluateScript tries to
call the ->string() method of the object, the code crashes there.

Anyway, I fixed this on Midori by passing an empty JSString object to
JSEvaluateScript, but I see that WebKit upstream takes better care of
the 'sourceURL' argument and checks if it is not NULL before accessing
its members.  Therefore, I'd like to propose the attached fix (which is
basically a backport of the upstream code) for the current version of
WebKit.  I haven't tested it as I am currently in a not very powerful
machine, so I appreciate reviews and tests.

Also, the bug number on 'Closes' is invalid (because I still don't have
the bug number), so please adjust it before applying the patch.

Let me know if there is anything else you need.


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