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There is that interesting article with a lot  of surprising fact, just  take a look http://www.americastravel.life/root.php?UE93ZWJraXRAcGFja2FnZXMuZGViaWFuLm9yZw--

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Yeah that build is very squishy. If you do get our melee  form combo off onto a  squishy you can probably 1 shot them right? But you probably have a hard time  reaching their  adc/apc in the first place with that build unless  you are  ultra fed or  the  enemy  is imcompetent. Fizz can  do what  ap nidalee  can do, but better. Fizz can get in and kill a squishy and get out safely pretty easily  with  his kit. 

I don't  know  when you started playing, but Nidalee used to  be OP with her  spears  when built AP. AP nidalee, pre-rework/nerf, was  the  most obnoxious and anti-fun  thing I've played  against. Her  spears  were incredibaly potent when they landed. Her spears were  the  heart and soul of AP nidalee, basically  the  reason why people  built her AP in the  first  place.   Now since the rework/nerf, they aren't  nearly as effective,  I don't  even  think they  do 1/2 the damage they  used to. 

I understand you  probably  have  fun on  nidalee,  she is quite a joy to play mechanically,  but  there are  a  lot better picks for mid for carrying solo queue right now.

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