Bug#894376: gnome-control-center crash FATAL: Could not allocate gigacage memory

Andres Freund andres at anarazel.de
Sat Jun 16 16:24:27 BST 2018


On 2018-06-15 21:11:49 -0400, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
> Please try again after installing all updates and then log out and log
> back in. In particular, you want webkit2gtk 2.20.3-1 which was pushed
> to Debian Testing yesterday. The new version should still run even if
> you limit memory overcommitting.

Yes, that works. Cool.

> You might want to try limiting memory only for the specific
> troublesome apps instead of for the entire session.

That, to my knowledge, is not possible. Memory overcommit can only be
tuned globally.  Which makes sense - if you didn't reserve memory
globally you'd still end up needing the OOM killer on page faults where
no backing memory is available.

- Andres

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