Bug#923476: webkit2gtk: FTBFS for unknown reasons (maybe Makefile bug)

Santiago Vila sanvila at unex.es
Fri Mar 1 09:32:40 GMT 2019

> > In either case, I've put a bunch of failed build logs here for you to see:
> > 
> > https://people.debian.org/~sanvila/build-logs/webkit2gtk/
> Thanks. Does it fail all the time then?

In my environment, yes. It failed every time I tried with each new
Debian release since 2.22.0-2. Here is my build history:

Status: successful  webkit2gtk_2.18.5-1_amd64-20180118T052922Z
Status: successful  webkit2gtk_2.18.6-1_amd64-20180128T002903Z
Status: successful  webkit2gtk_2.20.4-1_amd64-20180809T071009Z
Status: successful  webkit2gtk_2.20.5-1_amd64-20180825T104210Z
Status: failed      webkit2gtk_2.22.0-2_amd64-20180920T034119Z
Status: failed      webkit2gtk_2.22.2-1_amd64-20180927T034115Z
Status: failed      webkit2gtk_2.22.3-1_amd64-20181103T035412Z
Status: failed      webkit2gtk_2.22.4-1_amd64-20181128T091510Z
Status: failed      webkit2gtk_2.22.5-1_amd64-20181219T230911.565Z
Status: failed      webkit2gtk_2.22.6-1_amd64-20190212T225410.081Z

For this package, my environment is made of self-hosted KVM machines
with a single CPU. Maybe having a single CPU makes the bug
particularly easy to trigger, but being a Makefile bug, it could
happen to anybody.

Please tell me if you need a test machine and I'll try to prepare one,
but as I said before, maybe it would be more productive to try to
explain how the error I got could happen (for example: It is true, as
the error says, that there is not any rule to build


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