Bug#1010352: wpewebkit: No longer provides libsoup2 version needed by gstreamer

Jeremy Bicha jeremy.bicha at canonical.com
Fri Apr 29 11:56:45 BST 2022

Source: wpewebkit
Version: 2.36.0-1
Severity: serious
X-Debbugs-CC: berto at igalia.com

wpewebkit has 2 reverse dependencies in Debian: cog and
gstreamer1.0-wpe. Although cog was switched to use the new libsoup3,
gstreamer1.0-wpe was not.

Currently, the Debian wpewebkit package only builds the libsoup3
version but it needs to keep building the libsoup2 version until
gstreamer has switched.

Also, the package names in debian/control do not match the actual
package names built. I believe this is a violation of Debian Policy.
(Also it appears to break Ubuntu's NBS tracker.)

I suggest you do like webkit2gtk and offer both libsoup2 and libsoup3
for now if you want to have the libsoup3 version available.

Thank you,
Jeremy Bicha

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