Bug#1016765: webkit2gtk: Please enable gtk4 build

Jeremy Bicha jeremy.bicha at canonical.com
Sat Aug 6 22:20:14 BST 2022

Source: webkit2gtk
Version: 2.37.1-2
Severity: wishlist

Please consider enabling the gtk4 build. It is required for
gnome-initial-setup 43:

On the other hand, I do understand that maintaining a 3rd full build
(in addition to GTK3 4.0 and GTK3 4.1) is a lot. I'm ok with keeping
gnome-initial-setup at version 42 for Debian 12 "Bookworm" if the
extra build option isn't enabled in Debian for webkit2gtk 2.38.

Epiphany 43 still uses GTK3 so it is not affected yet. Perhaps for
Epiphany 44 next year.

I am unaware of anything else using webkitgtk with gtk4 yet.

gnome-control-center will depend on it too after a new
gnome-online-accounts release with GTK4 support (unclear how long that
will take).

Thank you,
Jeremy Bicha

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