Bug#1012227: webkitgtk: CPU usage

tmcconnell168 at gmail.com tmcconnell168 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 23:12:52 BST 2022

So when that was done all I had running was Evolution, Selektor, my VPN
. It was impossible to read email, (Nothing would open unless I double
clicked it) but even if I shut down Evolution it stays around 50 % CPU
usage and if I just let it fight it's way through it and comeback later
it does the same thing, Something is going wrong, I have no idea why or

On Fri, 2022-06-10 at 21:51 +0000, Alberto Garcia wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 02:25:28PM -0500,
> tmcconnell168 at gmail.com wrote:
> > I had a better idea, and piped it to the attached file and let it
> > run
> > until the CPU usage went down. Currently my CPU is between 9 - 15 %
> > Sorry for the big file, it took a while. 
> > Tim
> Ok, it looks like it's just drawing text all the time, do you have
> any
> particular website or page open, or when does this happen?
> Berto

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