Bug#1016811: libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37: bullseye backport crashes a lot on arm64

Dominique MARTINET dominique.martinet at atmark-techno.com
Wed Sep 28 00:58:28 BST 2022


Dominique MARTINET wrote on Tue, Sep 27, 2022 at 01:58:40PM +0900:
> I will rebuild the package again without the patch, to check if I can
> reproduce the issue without it in my build environment.
> That takes quite a while, so will probably only report back tomorrow.

So I can confirm the same package as sid's 2.38.0-2 without any extra
patch works just fine if I recompile it -- so it must be a difference in
our build environment.

Happy to send you the list of packages I have installed or anything else
that might be useful to track this down further!

(As a side note, it turns out that even when this does works, gdk opengl
context creation fails on my system because it apparently always try to
initialize the context as opengl first regardless of GLES setting so
this isn't as good as I was hoping... In particular the fallback code
rotates the rendered pixels by 180° for some reason so it's upside down,
but removing that as well is perfect if just a bit slow.
Hopefully I can figure that out next... Did I already say I hate closed
But anyway that's unrelated to this bug: epiphany (and MiniBrowser) work
just fine at this point; and I'll open a bug upstream directly for the
fallback code)


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