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Thu Apr 18 04:44:59 BST 2019

Sir, I am Silas Grant, the Wealth manager and Head of Global payments with Royal Bank of Scotland in United Kingdom. I am contacting you regarding the estate of a deceased client with a similar last name as you, and an investment placed under our Bank's management worth GBP3.8 million British Pounds Sterling. He left no next of kin. Now I’m contacting you independently as no one is informed of this communication.
What I propose is that since I have exclusive access to his file, you will be made the beneficiary of these funds after the legalization process is diligently carried out. I hold the KEY to these funds and from my years of experience as a banker, we see so much cash being re-assigned daily so nobody is getting hurt here.Kindly express interest by writing back to my private email: silas.b.grant at gmail.comWhatever your response is, it will be taken in good faith, but I plead that you keep all of this highly confidential.
Regards,Silas GrantSilas.b.grant at

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