Bug#872470: Fixed busy-wait loop

bw bwtnguy at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 26 23:59:02 BST 2019

On Sat, 22 Jun 2019, Jeremy Sowden wrote:

> The package includes a patch to fix seg-faults which can occur by
> sending repeated SIGINTs or SIGTERMs.  However, it does this by
> introducing a busy-wait loop which wakes the process up ten times a
> second.
> I've attached an updated version of it which uses a blocking select(2)
> instead.
> J.

Wow, thanks.  Let me know if you need to test patches to a any of these 
wm_* pkgs.  Give me a sec to get up to speed and I can test any patch you 
want to make.  I really like all of these doodads and have some other 
issues to report that might not have clear bugs, but many of the progs 
need work.  THANKS AGAIN!

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