From Hassan

Dan Hassain danhassain at
Fri Jan 10 14:10:17 GMT 2020

>From Hassan

Hello Friend

I am interested to invest in any profitable business in your country
and know particular partiality but anyway interested in the
agricultural, Oil and Gas business or into Real Estate as well as in
the Hospitials sectors among others that one can be of it's study if
any other investment propositions you may have out-side these stated
above areas based on mutual respect and understanding to write me back
Immediately on what is your opinion.

Which I am looking up to see your projects suggesting in order to
study them and if find them worthwhile then we may discuss it and give
definite form to our eventual collaboration whereby into a situation
where the investment fund will be provide to be manage on a jointly
partnership ventures in any choice country side or unless maybe if you
have other mutual advantageous proposition,then response at this email
danhassain at with your direct telephone number for the
discussion of it in details of which in a way that accomplishes a
desired results. Thank you.


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