Bug#948955: wmaker: invisible windows and applications

Torrance, Douglas dtorrance at piedmont.edu
Wed Jan 15 15:09:04 GMT 2020

Control: forwarded -1 wmaker-dev at googlegroups.com

On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 4:45 AM Peter Keel <bugzilla at discordia.ch> wrote:
> Package: wmaker
> Version: 0.95.8-3
> Severity: important
> Dear Maintainer,
> Some applications don't render a window at all, and others only as a
> sliver on WindowMaker. They work on fluxbox, indeed, you can change
> the window manager while they are running, and suddenly the window
> becomes visible. Meanwhile application is running, as witnessed by
> the sound they're playing.
> Some games on proton, such as "Rome: Total War" do have the problem,
> but most importantly, virtualbox has it too.
> The following are screenshots of a virtualbox-window (not the
> control panel-thingie of virtualbox, that always works, but the
> window of a virtual machine)
> https://temp.discordia.ch/virtualbox-window-wmaker-2020-01-15_08-43.png
> That's all of it. And this is the SAME window on fluxbox (upper part only):
> https://temp.discordia.ch/virtualbox-window-fluxbox-2020-01-15_08-47.png

Thanks for the report!  I'm forwarding this upstream.

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