Bug#971621: Explanation

Jeremy Sowden jeremy at azazel.net
Sun Mar 7 10:04:33 GMT 2021

I believe the problem here lies not with wmmixer, but with oss-compat.
/dev/mixer is created by the snd-mixer-oss kernel module which is one of
a set that provides OSS emulation for ALSA.  The oss-compat package is
intended to make sure that the OSS emulation modules are loaded.
However, there is currently an open bug against the package which states
that a reboot is required for it to take effect:


I have verified that this does appear to be the case.  Immediately after
installing oss-compat the modules are not loaded, and manually running
the modprobe command from the package's postinst maintainer-script
doesn't do anything.  Once I reboot my machine, however, the modules are
loaded and /dev/mixer is present.

One can, of course, manually load the OSS modules immediately after
installing wmmixer:

  # modprobe snd-mixer-oss snd-pcm-oss

I'm going to close this bug.

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