[Pkg-wmaker-devel] Bug#798136: wmbattery does not update display after launching

Norman Ramsey nr at cs.tufts.edu
Tue Sep 8 16:16:04 UTC 2015

 > I'm not able to reproduce this problem, so I'm downgrading the bug to
 > important.  Could you provide some more information?

OK, now *I* can't reproduce it.  It hit on three long-haul airplane
flights, but now, nothing.  I've just returned home and the laptop is
going back into the closet.

 > In particular, could you run "upower --monitor-detail" from the command
 > line?  It should periodically print out a status report with information
 > about your battery.  If it doesn't, then this is likely an issue with
 > upower.

When I tried this, upower was silent for about three minutes and then
started updating to the console several times per minute.

I think the best thing is to close this ticket.  If the problem
recurs, I will look into upower again.  And if I can reproduce it,
maybe we'll know something.

Thanks for your very quick response, and I'm sorry this one turns out
to be irreproducible.


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