[Pkg-xen-devel] xen linux-image packages; initrd.img

Thomas Schwinge tschwinge at gnu.org
Sun Jul 23 10:05:23 UTC 2006


On Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 09:10:19AM +0100, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> Thomas Schwinge wrote:
> > I fixed some bugs and did some further improvements; please consider the
> > attached patch.  There would be -- at least in my opinion -- a lot more
> > to refactor in update-grub, but I stopped at this point.

Attached is an updated patch against the Debian grub svn repository.

> > Remaining question:
> >
> > * Is it wise to have the Xen entries _after_ the non-Xen entries in
> > GRUB's menu.lst?  (Think w.r.t. booting without a connected terminal, but
> > still having a non-Xen kernel installed for whatever reasons.)
> Reasonable point. Ok.

I did that change in the attached patch.

> > * Is it wise to not have update-grub create a ``single-user mode'' /
> > ``recovery mode'' entry for Xen kernels?
> I hads omitted it because it cluttered the menu.lst menu: its easy to
> have NxM menu item entries with N hypervisors and M kernels,
> doubling that with recovery kernels quickly gets a huge menu,
> which is mostly pointless given the ability with grub to so in and
> create a 'recovery entry' as necessary. But this is a matter of
> personal taste I'll leave for upstream maintainers.

I agree, so I didn't implement that functionality.

I've also worked in Marco Nenciarin's suggestion of having the options
for the Xen hypervisor configurable (which I had already prepared in my
previous patch).

On Thu, Jul 20, 2006 at 03:51:20PM +0200, Marco Nenciarini wrote:
> The previous patch only apply on already patched (with first patch)
> update-grub

Correct.  My work is based on the Debian grub svn repository, so that the
Debian maintainers can apply it easily.


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