[Pkg-xen-devel] boot crash 2.6.16-18 xen kernel

Sebastiaan Tesink sebas at virtualconcepts.nl
Fri Sep 22 12:32:28 CEST 2006


We are running a Sun Fire X2100 with 4GB RAM. We followed the how-to
which we posted on http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/423,
using backports packages for a k7-machine.
We have one Sun Fire X2100 running a 2.6.16-16 kernel from backports,
which is working fine having used the same how-to. Now we are installing
another X2100 using the 2.6.16-18 kernel, which is giving some major

During the boot procedure it crashes, saying:
(XEN) Scrubbing free RAM
(XEN) esi: 00000359 edi: b104b000 ebp: 00359000 esp: b0327eec
(XEN) cr0: 8005003b cr3: 073a000
(XEN) ds: e021 es: e021 fs: 0000 gs: 0000 ss: e021 cs: e019
(XEN) Guest stack trace from esp=b0327eec
(XEN) Domain 0 crashed: rebooting machine in 5 seconds.

It is difficult to give more detailed information since this failure
isn't logged anywhere. However, if you need more information, we're more
than willing to provide it to you.

Sebastiaan Tesink

email   | sebas at virtualconcepts.nl
tel     | +31 (0)6 1111 4539
website | http://www.virtualconcepts.nl

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