[Pkg-xen-devel] user feedback and questions.

Franklin PIAT fpiat at bigfoot.com
Wed Dec 19 09:18:18 UTC 2007


I here's a list of question I'm currently facing (or have faced). Some
other users would face it too. I'll update http://wiki.debian.org/Xen
with you answers.

What's the best place, under Debian, to get support for using Xen
(mailing list, IRC, etc.)

My understanding is that one should install xen-linux-system-*
in order to pull a Dom0 installation. If that's right, it would be nice
to document it in xen-hypervisor-* package description and/or
README.Debian file

Could you describe the purpose of the xen-versions[1] files in the
README.Debian file (or other appropriate place)

Since xen-linux-system-*2.6.23 doesn't exist, How does Debian Testing
+Unstable users can find which hypervisor has to be used with which

It would be nice to have a wiki 'Xen/Status' page for testing/unstable
(quite like D-I, and some others team has).

Do you plan to release an Etch-and-a-half update ?

Since the project has no homepage on pkg-xen.alioth.debian.org, it could
redirect to a wiki.d.o page, like Xen or Teams/Xen

Thanks for providing Xen Support under Debian. I really fits my needs...
My servers couldn't live without it anymore ;)


[1] /var/lib/linux-image-2.6.23-1-xen-686/xen-versions

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