[Pkg-xen-devel] NetworkManager problems with xen bridging

Sally-Anne Edwards sallyanne.edwards at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 2 19:26:47 UTC 2008

> Telling people they're doing a bad job is not useful.  It doesn't help
> the developers improve anything; it just makes them upset.  If you
> don't like the way something is, then you need to help improve it.

I'm not saying anyone has done a bad job - I wrote the message because
I feel that Xen and Debian are both really strong products with a
rightful place in the market, on desktops and on servers.  I've seen
it working (after changing kernels and purging Network Manager) - and
I hope other people will be able to get it working too.

> In the case of most of your complaints, what firstly seems to be
> needed for you to help is for you to understand the situation in more
> detail so that you can see what the underlying causes of the problems
> are.  Then you may be able to help address those causes.
I have done that to some extent - for instance, I didn't just complain
that Xen wrecked my network, I found the Network Manager was the cause
and I reported that.

I felt that the other response to my report, from Julien who wrote `I
can't also arrest you if you want to shut down the bridge or the
entire machine.' wasn't really welcoming my contribution and the time
I spent investigating this problem.

Back on the original subject, Network Manager, at the very least it
deserves a mention in README.Debian

I understand that if an interface is in /etc/network/interfaces then
it should not be touched by Network Manager

However, is there a way that the bridge script can put information
about dynamically created interfaces somewhere under /var in a list of
things Network Manager should not touch?  It wouldn't be correct for
the bridge script to modify /etc/network/interfaces directly

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