[Pkg-xen-devel] XCP and OpenXenCenter

Mike McClurg mike.mcclurg at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 09:14:38 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 8:51 PM, Ritesh Raj Sarraf <rrs at debian.org> wrote:
> I just noticed OpenXenCenter (aka OpenXenManager) that is an open source
> replacement for Citrix's XenCenter. This tool works with XenServer.
> But as per the blog entry:
> http://blog.xen.org/index.php/2010/02/09/xen-cloud-platform-installation/
> it is also supposed to work with Xen Cloud Platform. XCP is licensed
> GPL2  and is a combination of multiple packages.
> Has the team looked at the feasibility of taking the agent component
> from XCP and packaging it for Debian. If we can get the agent, and then
> along with OpenXenCenter, we can have a good management tool for Xen in
> Debian.

Hi Ritesh,

The new maintainer for OpenXenManager is Cheng Sun, an intern here at
Citrix. I have spoken with him about packaging OpenXenManager for
Debian, and he is interested in doing this work. Are you still
interested in bringing this package into Debian?

I have CC'd Cheng on this email.


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