[Pkg-xmpp-devel] Sponsorship of the Jappix package

Philippe Gauthier philippe.gauthier at deuxpi.ca
Wed Apr 27 02:45:44 UTC 2011

Hi Marcelo,

Le vendredi 22 avril 2011 à 18:20 -0300, Marcelo Jorge Vieira a écrit :
> This is my initial review:
> debian/control:
> ===============
> 1) Add Vcs-Browser and Vcs-git field [0].

This is now linked to the Alioth URLs.

> 2) ejabberd should be "suggests" instead of a "recommends",
>    because packages from "recommends" field are installed by default,
>    and/or ejabberd can be installed in another machine.


> debian/copyright:
> =================
> 1) You must make mention in debian/copyright of all copyright holders
>    and licenses. You forgot:
>    + css/stats-svg.css
>    + js/base64.js
>    + js/browser-detect.js
>    + js/constants.js
>    + js/jquery.datepicker.js
>    + js/jquery.form.js
>    + jquery.js
>    + jquery.placeholder.js ? (I can include this lib in jquery-goodies)

This particular file seems to be specific to the package. There seems to
exist a lot of scripts with the same name, but I could not find any that

>    + jquery.timers.js (I can include this lib in jquery-goodies)

Yes, this should work. Jappix includes the latest version.

>    + jsjac.js
>    + jxhr.js
>    + php/bosh.php
>    + php/drawsvgchart.php
>    + php/functions-get.php
>    + php/functions-manager.php
>    + php/functions.php
>    + php/gettext.php
>    + php/mobile-detect.php  

Ok, I think I got all this right! :)

> 2) Please, remove php/jsmin.php from upstream tarball because
>    it is a non-free software [1]. Also, you need change the
>    name of upstream tarball, read the section 2 here [2].

A patch was added to also remove the option to enable JavaScript

>    You must do that for each upstream release. I suggest you
>    to add the get-orig-source target in debian/rules, there is
>    an example here [3].


> 3) The php/gettext.php is a debian package (php-gettext).
> 4) The jquery.form.js is a debian package (libjs-jquery-form).

A patch changes the path to access gettext.php, and a symlink is created
to jquery.form.js.

I also tried to create symlinks for jquery.js and jsjac.js, but Jappix
doesn't work with jQuery 1.5 (currently in testing/unstable.) It seems
counter-productive to include jQuery 1.4 in the package, but otherwise I
don't know if there is a simple patch that can fix this bug. Is it
correct to include jquery.js until Jappix is compatible with 1.5?

The included copy of JSJaC is also heavily modified for Jappix and the
Debian version is not compatible. Perhaps we can ask the upstream
developers to send their changes to JSJaC, but for now this should
probably be included in the package.

Thanks for the review!

Best regards,

Philippe Gauthier <philippe.gauthier at deuxpi.ca>

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