[Pkg-xmpp-devel] Check and prepare for upload

Willem van den Akker wvdakker at wilsoft.nl
Wed Jan 16 12:59:57 UTC 2013


I have merged the repos with jabberd2 2.2.17 and made several fixes
to prepare for the first upload.

Please check if the package contains any failures or mistakes. If ok
I will tag it as 2.2.17-1 and it can be uploaded.
I can not do it myself. So someone has to do it for me ;)

You can find the binary here: http://pkg-xmpp.alioth.debian.org/bin/
I am using it since half december and have no problems found yet.

I hope we can make jabberd2 rolling again.

Willem van den Akker

Email: wvdakker at wilsoft.nl
XMPP: wvdakker at wilsoft.nl
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