[Pkg-xmpp-devel] Bug#742894: Incomplete debian/copyright [was: Uploading package(s)]

Boris Pek tehnick at debian.org
Sat Mar 29 16:48:44 UTC 2014


> By the way. How did you get the lintian error? Mine doesnt
> report any errors.

lintian -ivIE --pedantic jabberd2_2.2.17-2_i386.changes > ./lintian.log

And as a maintainer you should always use the latest lintian version for
testing of your packages. Currently it is 2.5.22.

> Is there a tool which lists all different copyright licenses in
> all files? I searched but could not find one. Or have I to check
> all files by hand?

There are few tools which may help you. For example, you may use licensecheck
from package devscripts. Just run command:
licensecheck --copyright -c . -r .
or even:
licensecheck --copyright -c . -r . | /usr/lib/cdbs/licensecheck2dep5 > ./copyright_
in the sources directory.

But have in mind that its output includes not full info and all blocks with
"Copyright: *No copyright*" and "License: UNKNOWN" should be checked manually.

Also I would recommend to sort all blocks by license, instead of specific files
or copyright holders. In this case debian/copyright file will be simpler.

Yes, this is tiresome and not fun, but this is the part of maintainers work.

Best regards,

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