[Pkg-xmpp-devel] Bug#776847: gsasl 1.8.0-6 does not support GSSAPI

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Mon Feb 16 21:13:18 UTC 2015

It seems clear that the #745332 fix was incorrect.  You can see in the
build logs GSSAPI is not enabled since krb5-config isn't found:


On considering solutions, I don't like the unpredictability in
depending on libkrb5-dev|libheimdal-dev.  The GSSAPI library used by
the binary libgsasl package in Debian will depend on whether the buildds
have Heimdal or MIT installed when you built the package.  Coping with
different GSS libraries on different architecture sounds like a recipe
for disaster.  For Jessie, gsasl should be built against the same
Kerberos library on all architectures, unless there is a reason not to
-- and I don't know of a reason.  MIT is picked arbitrarily here.

Cc'ing Jelmer (who reported 745332) and Andreas (who uploaded it) --
any comments?  Jelmer, what prompted your initial report?  The way I
see it, it is important (for us) that you buildds don't have multiple
Kerberos development packages installed when they build gsasl.  So the
old way was the preferred way, causing heimdal-dev to be removed and
libkrb5-dev to be pulled in.  People with other preferences who build
their own packages can surely modify the gsasl package to their liking.

I've pushed a fix in git and attmpted to upload to experimental, so you
can test the new packages.

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