[Pkg-xmpp-devel] [Pkg-gajim-maintainers] Invitation to Debian XMPP Maintainers Team

Boris Pek tehnick at debian.org
Wed Jan 17 19:02:36 UTC 2018

>> Would you like to maintain your gajim* packages under the umbrella of
>> Debian XMPP Maintainers Team?
> To me, this makes perfect sense.
> Norbert, Tanguy, what do you think?

BTW, we may create a special Gajim subgroup at Salsa if your prefer.
Or just use a plain structure as now.

> (This might also be useful for some other XMPP related packages,
> that are currently maintained by individual developers - and
> sometimes a little bit outdated.)

I am going to move my personal packages psi-plus* to this team.
(They are not outdated.)   ;-)

Also I have already sent invitation for developers of these packages:

I have intentionally ignored all source packages:
* with multi-protocol clients software (all in one)
* with plugins for multi-protocol clients software
* with plugins for specifical software (for example, elpa-jabber)
* with libraries written in programing languages which has own mainterners
  teams, for example:
  + jabberbot, pyxmpp, sleekxmpp and others are written in python and
    are maintained in Debian Python Modules Team
  + libnet-jabber-bot-perl, libnet-jabber-perl  and others are written
    in perl and are maintained in Debian Perl Group
  + etc.
* related to ejabberd [1][2] (in my opinion there are too many packages 
  there, so a separate team makes sense)

Also I am in doubt about some packages with XMPP bots. For example,
jabber-querybot and jirc look completely unmaintained.

Do you know other XMPP related packages which might be moved to our team?

[1] https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?email=ejabberd%40packages.debian.org
[2] https://salsa.debian.org/ejabberd-packaging-team


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