[Pkg-xmpp-devel] Bug#902237: Feature Request: Package plugin installer separately

W. Martin Borgert debacle at debian.org
Sun Jun 24 23:13:24 BST 2018

On 2018-06-23 17:21, procmem wrote:
> Package: gajim
> Version: all
> Severity: serious
> Please consider packaging the plugin installer separately (to make its
> install optional) as it prompts users to update and install additional
> code from untrusted sources which violates Debian's package security
> assumptions.
> (/usr/share/gajim/plugins/plugin_installer/)

This is already done since some time. gajim-plugininstaller is
a separate package and not even suggested by the package gajim.

Please try an up-to-date version of Gajim, e.g. 1.0.3-1 (Debian
unstable and testing) or 1.0.3-1~bpo9+1 (Debian stable with
official backports enabled).

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