[Pkg-xmpp-devel] Bug#910506: split package into architecture dependent and independent ones

Boris Pek tehnick at debian.org
Sun Oct 7 16:05:49 BST 2018

Hi Martin,

> Currently only one, architecture dependent package is created.
> However, most of prosody consists of architecture independent files.
> I like to separate the few .so files into prosody-lib to save some
> space on the archive.
> Any objections?

Yes, I have ones.

At first let's look at package size:
It is about 282.4 KB. And this is very small size.

Next, let's remember that each separate package increases size of list
of packages in Debian archive:
which will be downloaded by all Debian users even is they do not use
this package.

And the last but not least: as far as I know there are no other programs
which will use this library, even in perspective.

Thus you offer to increase complexity of source package (split on few
packages with declaration of relationships between them), possibly
increase work of ftp-masters (think about changing of SOVERSIONs in the
future, etc.) and increase of size of lists of packages just for
decreasing size of binary packages to about tens of kilobytes?

I would suggest you to reconsider all pros and cons of this decision.

Best regards,

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