[pkg-xtuple-maintainers] RFP: xtuple-web - web and mobile access to PostBooks

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Sat Mar 29 21:17:41 UTC 2014

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Daniel Pocock <daniel at pocock.pro>

Upstream:  http://www.xtuple.org

License: mixed: Apache, BSD, MIT, CPAL


Upstream has several source repositories under

The web client is in this repository:

and some of the other repositories contain supporting content.


- I currently co-maintain the main xTuple / PostBooks desktop (Qt-based)
client package, it is co-ordinated through the pkg-xtuple group:

- the web client provides an alternative user interface to the same
PostgreSQL backend

- I am initially opening this bug as an RFP as there is work to be done
on dependencies (including build dependencies/tools) before this package
can be created

- some of the core dependencies (nodejs, postgresql-9.3-plv8) appear for
the first time in the next major Debian release (Jessie), making it
feasible to package this software

- information on dependencies can be discovered in these files:


- the next step is to build a wiki page with a table listing all the
dependencies, their licenses and their packaging status

- upstream appears to be targeting Ubuntu LTS so it should be possible
to find common ground on a lot of things

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