[Pkg-zfsonlinux-devel] Commits pushed to d-i parts (base-installer, partman-zfs, partman-target and debian-installer)

Turbo Fredriksson turbo at bayour.com
Tue May 21 15:25:37 UTC 2013

* base-installer/master
  commit 13a98ab09f15086c28d8080d08389e4e3012e59e
    Mount (bind) /proc and /sys as well on target to make sure grub-probe
    works correctly. Is nessesary for ZFS...

* partman-zfs/master
  commit 1bd59bde47534f2233c683150a1ada3c99fbf71a
    Check if /usr is on a separate filesystem. The initrd mounts the root
    fs using zfs (and libs) on the initrd. But when 'mount remaining fs'
    runs, then /usr/lib doesn't exist and therefor filesystems can't be mounted...
  commit ad893bac9f37e50ccd6bb79d5a48ff0a22898154
    Install a post-base-installer.d where we install zfs-initramfs.
    + No longer need to do this in grub-installer.
  commit fbb3490e4d61d1bdd71635916a5040ef66b827a5
    * All sub filesystems (all datasets below the root fs dataset) will have
      mountpoint=legacy, to make them mountable on boot - only the root fs is
      mounted in the initrd.
    * fs_create() now sets mountpoint=none by default, to make sure we
      can change it afterwards. It might fail if - when - the fs is
      mounted by the create but can't be unmounted when mountpoint is set.
      + Cleanup and false/true correction of fs_create().
    * Add some support functions - create_disk() and create_partition()
      taken from partman-md. This will be needed when/if parted gets ZFS
      support (base idea is to have it 'fake' a dataset as a device).

* partman-target/master
  commit 485515fd529159930d9b2485b3188e918e670689
    Support ZFS when adding entries to stab.

* debian-installer/master
  commit d8ef3f7047a005aced83ce77d88fb9952b3fea7e
    Add spl and zfs modules, zfsutils-udeb and partman-zfs for AMD64 configs.
    + Do NOT include partman-zfs on some architecturs (hurd-i386, i386, mips*, powerpc)
    + Make spl/zfs kernel modules and partman-zfs dependency optional. They
      are not availible in the ftp archive yet, but when they do, this will
      'just work'...

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