[Pkg-zfsonlinux-devel] Bug#830824: Bug#830824: Bug#830824: Silently corrupted file in snapshots after send/receive

Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez clopez at igalia.com
Tue Aug 16 13:33:37 UTC 2016

Control: tag -1 +pending
On 11/08/16 17:51, Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez wrote:
> 1) Wait for the patch on PR #4833 to be merged, then import it
> defaulting to ignore hole_birth until the issue is fixed.

This patch was finally merged on ZoL/master but with the option set to
false by default.

I have cherry-picked it and then added another patch defaulting it to true.

On the PR #4833 [1], Brian Behlendorf comments he is also thinking in
defaulting this to true for the upcoming 0.8.5


[1] https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/pull/4833

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