[Pkg-zfsonlinux-devel] Root-on-ZFS on Stretch

Nicolas Braud-Santoni nicolas at braud-santoni.eu
Sun May 22 17:02:29 UTC 2016


First, thanks everybody for the great work in getting ZFS packages in.

I managed last night, despite some hurdles[0], to setup a bootable
  root-on-ZFS Stretch system from scratch;  since I was using a Jessie
  liveUSB for the setup, I used the ZoL packages for initially creating
  the zpool.

The install narrative is attached, and I would love to contribute to
  giving future Stretch users a smooth ZFS experience.

I used the <pool>/ROOT idiom out of habit: it is used on FreeBSD (and
  others) to implement boot environments, but it isn't something that
  is supported on Debian (yet?).

A minor pain-point not mentionned in the install narative: several
  packages (notably, systemd) use POSIX ACLs to grant the `adm` group
  access to logs; POSIX ACLs are AFAIK not yet supported by ZoL.



[0] https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=824974
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