[Pkg-zfsonlinux-devel] Bug#961094: Bug#961094: zfsutils-linux: Hostid is not regenerated on a clone/copy/restore of the underlying OS

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Wed May 20 01:56:55 BST 2020

On 5/19/20 7:34 PM, Real Carbonneau wrote:
> For example, every clone of a Debian system has a UUID (eg command "dmidecode
> -t 1"), thus it would be simple to generate a new hostid (possibly keeping the
> old one backed up) when the system uuid has been observed to have changed.

The BIOS UUID is not reliable. I have a bunch of SuperMicro systems with
the same UUID.

I suggest using /etc/machine-id when present (i.e. systemd systems).

See also:


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