[Pkg-zope-developers] Re: Duplicate debconf templates in zope-* packages

Andreas Tille tillea@rki.de
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 13:30:38 +0100 (CET)

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Denis Barbier wrote:

> This was your original point, then Andreas Tille and Federico Di
> Gregorio replied that this explanation does not apply here because all
> packages depend on Zope, you agreed and proposed to drop templates,
> and everyone was happy... but this never happened ;)
> So let's discuss it again: as Zope packages depend on Zope, there is
> no reason for them to ship the same templates as the ones already
> found in zope, this is duplication of work and is painful without
> any benefit.  When Joey wrote the paragraph above, he certainly
> had in mind the gdm/kdm/xdm case (IIRC the first shared template)
> or how to select a news server once when installing several news
> readers.  In such cases, packages do not depend on each other, and
> the paragraph quoted above explain how to work around this problem.
> If you are still not convinced, please let me know and I will
> explain it again.
I included Joey Hess in my previous mail and do so for forewarding this.
Perhaps I might be able to clarify his rationale behind the manual

> > > An alternative is to move templates to zopectl so that they can be
> > > updated more easily, but I have no idea whether this does make sense.
> >
> > I good improvement would have been to create dh_zope command (as part of a
> > zope-dev) package, which would have been responsible of installing/updating
> > those files (like code snippets). I meant zopectl for other purpose.
> >
> > I'm still too busy dealing with zopectl wich has an higer priority in my TODO
> > list: i would share my thoughts about dh_zope with any volunteer.
> As stated above, config and templates files have to be dropped, and
> packages do no more have to call dh_installdebconf (but of course they
> still depends on debconf).  And postinst might indeed be automatically
> created by dh_zope.  This is very easy, customize the attached postinst-zope
> script and put it into /usr/share/debhelper/autoscripts/postinst-zope, then
> dh_zope will automatically insert it.
> And that's all ;)  Hey no, you have to write documentation, of course,
> and remove current postinst and prerm scripts.

Kind regards