[Pkg-zope-developers] Re: about the pkg-zope repositories

martin f krafft madduck at debian.org
Wed Aug 17 11:58:50 UTC 2005

also sprach Andreas Tille <tillea at rki.de> [2005.08.17.1048 +0200]:
> Well, you are more deeply involved than me that's why your word has
> more value than mine.  But I want to make sure that I will not test
> any stuff out of experimental.  My fear is that I have to unpatch
> and patch my just ported packages once I get some reason for a new
> upload to unstable (bug / new upstream version).

But I'd say just leave the bug open and mark it fixed in the version
that's in experimental.

Correct me if I am wrong, but to move a package from experimental to
unstable requires a new upload, right?

Thus, it might make sense to use special versions for experimental:
Instead of 1.2.3-1, use 1.2.3-0.exp.1, 1.2.3-0.exp.2, etc. When the
transition is complete, we can then upload the -1 packages (or
whatever the current revision may be. Just make the first part
before the dot of the revision of the experimental version one

> >Great. I meant to ask in my previous mail: do you guys mind if we
> >call it "Debian/Ubuntu Zope team"?
> I normally do not care about names as long as they I will not have
> to type that much.  In this case (not because of the usual of Ubuntu
> paranoia) I would like to stick to the old name because I'm sure
> I will spell it differently for several occurences, which just sucks.

Huh? If we establish a standard and you spell it falsely, we just
fix it. No big deal.

> >The rationale is that Ubuntu has
> >done a lot of the work, and I would personally like to see pkg-zope
> >as being the sole source for Zope-related packages for Debian and
> >Ubuntu, and have Debian as well as Ubuntu people work together on
> >this.
> I see no reason why we need to mention Ubuntu in the *name* to
> accomplish the common *work*.

To give proper credit to the Ubuntu folks, who have put a lot of
work into this. zope-common was developed by doko for Ubuntu, and
Fabio is currently sponsored by Google to work on Zope *for Ubuntu*.

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