[Pkg-zope-developers] how to package products for zope2.7

Fabio Tranchitella kobold@debian.org
Sat, 4 Jun 2005 15:14:04 +0200

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On Sat, Jun 04, 2005 at 01:39:16PM +0200, Jonas Meurer wrote:
> hello,
Hi Jonas!

The debian maintainers of zope packages are joining in a team (Debian Zope
Team) to enforce the communication among the developers that work onn
zope-based software. I think there will be a meeting about this at the
debconf, too, but I won't be there so I'm not informed about this.

After sarge release, almost every zope package will be modified to use
debhelper-zope and zope-common packages, which help the maintainers in
packaging and maintaining the zope products and handle dependencies, multip=
versions of packages and multiple instances of zope (and hopefully zeo).

> although i got the main problems managed, i've still some questions
> concerning this issue:
> - -> 1. zope2.6-verbosesecurity is the only package that is named
> zope2.6-*. the more common way seems to have zope-<product> for zope 2.6
> and zope2.7-<product> for zope2.7.
> zope2.6-verbosesecurity will be removed from the archive once zope 2.6
> is no longer available, while zope-verbosesecurity will stay there
> forever, always updated to the most recent upstream release.

> is it worth the effort to rename zope-verbosesecurity to
> zop2.7-verbosesecurity and zope2.6-ver.. to zope-ver...? i guess that
> zope2.6 will not stay in the archive once sarge is released, correct?
> if that happens, renaming the verbosesecurity packages is not needed.
> what do you think?

I don't know *when* zope2.6 will be dropped from the archive. In the
meanwhile, I think the best naming approch would be zope-productX.Y
where X.Y is the product version. I'm the maintainer of zope-archetypes=20
and zope2.7-archetypes, I've choosen those names because I hadn't enough=20
time to think about this issue but I really prefer what has been done with
cmf (zope-cmf, zope-cmf1.4 and zope-cmf1.5, which will be uploaded after
sarge release).

Zope package will be renamed after sarge release, too. We will have a zope2=
package, and a dummy zope package which will depend on the default zope
version (actually zope2.7). So, my opinion is that renaming
zope-verbosesecurity is a good idea, and I suppose that the other members of
pkg-zope think at the same naming schema that has been used for CMF

> - -> 2. how is the exact policy about products folders for zope2.7?
> zope2.7 has two product folders, /usr/share/zope2.7/lib/python/Products/
> and /usr/lib/zope2.7/lib/python/Products/. native zope products
> (products that are shipped within the zope2.7 package) have all files in
> /usr/share/... and link the dtml and py files to /usr/lib/...
> is this common? most zope-* and zope2.7-* product packages install their
> files only inside /usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products, ignoring zope2.7
> completely.
> how should i install the files to follow a common policy?

Well, according to zope-common and zope-debhelper, the products will be
installed into /usr/share/zope/Products, and 'installed' (I mean copied, or
tree-linked, depending on the user choice) into the instances at postinst
time by dzhandle, the utility which is provided by zope-common.

You can have a look at http://www.kobold.it/plone/ to see some packages usi=
zope-common and zope-debhelper. That's old stuff, but we'll start from that
after sarge release.

> - -> 3. does zope2.7 still provide the shared debconf template
> shared/zope/restart? if yes, is it called shared/zope2.7/restart?
> or do i have to reintroduce own debconf templates to restart zope2.7?

The shared debconf template will be provided by zope-common package, so it
will be version indepentent.

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