Bug#336804: [schooltool-dev] [Pkg-zope-developers] Bug#336804: schoolbell: includes a fr_FR.po translation instead of fr.po

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Wed Nov 9 22:27:15 UTC 2005

> Could you please tell me exactly where, I struggle to find it:

This is found on the following page:


> We seem to have a number of french translations imported from rosetta,
> by far the most complete is the fr translation. I don't think deleting
> the other translations is a good idea.

As explained in my original message, there is barely no reason to have
different translations with "country" variants. Written French is the
same, whether it's written in France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland or
other French-speaking countries.

The fact that they come from Rosetta is not a big surprise to me as,
unfortunately, Rosetta allows this without much control.

I already remember having told to Mark as well as Daffyd Harries that
allowing country variants in Rosetta is definitely a very bad idea.

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