Bug#336804: [schooltool-dev] [Pkg-zope-developers] Bug#336804: schoolbell: includes a fr_FR.po translation instead of fr.po

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Thu Nov 10 05:05:19 UTC 2005

> > As explained in my original message, there is barely no reason to have
> > different translations with "country" variants. Written French is the
> > same, whether it's written in France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland or
> > other French-speaking countries.
> I agree, but I am not going to delete the fr_FR translation and would
> have no idea how to merge the two translations. I also have no control
> over how rosetta does things.

What I can propose you is taking all the fr* translations, have a look
at them along with the debian-l10n-french team, merge them in *one*
translation, in concertation with the people mentioned in

Then you should be able to only use a fr.po file and probably request
that all other translations are removed from Rosetta so that they
don't come in again.

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