Bug#336804: [schooltool-dev] [Pkg-zope-developers] Bug#336804: schoolbell: includes a fr_FR.po translation instead of fr.po

Steve Alexander steve at canonical.com
Wed Nov 16 09:44:02 UTC 2005

>>We seem to have a number of french translations imported from rosetta,
>>by far the most complete is the fr translation. I don't think deleting
>>the other translations is a good idea.
> As explained in my original message, there is barely no reason to have
> different translations with "country" variants. Written French is the
> same, whether it's written in France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland or
> other French-speaking countries.
> The fact that they come from Rosetta is not a big surprise to me as,
> unfortunately, Rosetta allows this without much control.
> I already remember having told to Mark as well as Daffyd Harries that
> allowing country variants in Rosetta is definitely a very bad idea.

These non-useful variants are now marked as "hidden" in Rosetta, so
translators are not offered these language variants for new
translations.  (If a translator particularly wants to translate into a
language variant, they can explicitly ask to do so.)

We don't have an automatic process for dealing with the existing
translations.  If someone can talk with Carlos on #launchpad on
irc.freenode.net, or mail carlos.perello at canonical.com, he can arrange
with you to fix up the schooltool translations in rosetta in a way that
works for you.

(I wanted to also send this to schooltool-dev, but some kind of mail
server misconfiguration stops me sending mail to that list.)

Steve Alexander

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