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Tue Apr 11 09:32:17 UTC 2006

(new) zope2.9-sandbox_2.9.2-1_all.deb optional web
sandbox instance for the zope2.9 web application server
 Package which creates a "sandbox" instance, getting all Zope
 products and packages available which are installed as Debian packages.
 The sandbox is usable for development and testing. For production
 please setup your own Zope 2.9 instance using dzhandle utility.
(new) zope2.9_2.9.2-1.diff.gz optional web
(new) zope2.9_2.9.2-1.dsc optional web
(new) zope2.9_2.9.2-1_i386.deb optional web
Open Source Web Application Server
 Zope is an open source web application server primarily written in
 the Python programming language. It features a transactional object
 database which can store not only content and custom data, but also
 dynamic HTML templates, scripts, a search engine, and relational
 database (RDBMS) connections and code.
 It features a strong through-the-web development model, allowing you
 to update your web site from anywhere in the world. To allow for
 this, Zope also features a tightly integrated security model. Built
 around the concept of "safe delegation of control", Zope's security
 architecture also allows you to turn control over parts of a web site
 to other organizations or individuals.
 This package contains the framework and libraries needed to run your
 own Zope 2.9 instance.
(new) zope2.9_2.9.2.orig.tar.gz optional web
Changes: zope2.9 (2.9.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.
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