QA before uploading zope packages

Gediminas Paulauskas menesis at
Mon Nov 7 11:01:02 UTC 2011


2011/10/17 Arnaud Fontaine <arnau at>:
> If  relevant,  could  you  please   add  debian/clean  like  I  did  for
> zope.authentication and others, otherwise, we end up with such bugs:

You have insisted on me adding debian/clean to all packages before you
will upload them.

It did look suspicious to delete .egg-info directory from source, you
get a few lines of warnings 'Ignoring deletion of...' from
dpkg-buildpackage -S.

And as I feared, there are problems with this approach.

The *.zcml files are not installed. For example,
'/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/zope/security/meta.zcml'. And they
are an essential part of zope packages.

SOURCES.txt contains a list of files that have to be installed by install. It is generated by sdist and uses svn
status to determine what files should be installed. But this file is
now deleted by debian/clean, and even though the .egg-info directory
is created, the svn information is not available in the tarball, and
SOURCES.txt does not include e.g. *.zcml and *.txt files, and they are
not being installed.

Therefore, most of recently uploaded zope.* packages (those that
contained a configure.zcml) are broken. So I cannot sync them from
Debian to Ubuntu.

> Also, for  debian/control, please don't forget  Homepage and Vcs-Browser
> fields  and for  debian/changelog  "Team  upload" like  I  did to  avoid
> lintian warning about NMUs.
> I know  I'm far too fuzzy about  details, hope that does  not bother you
> too much ;).

It does bother me.

Packages may not be perfect, but if they contain significant fixes,
they are worth an upload. I have asked several times to just upload
packages that were already in Ubuntu.

But a last-minute "bugfix" was made to all packages, not tested, and
soon uploaded. Now all the good work done before is stuck because of
one misguided change.


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