Bug#768286: python{, 3}-zope.interface-dbg: unhandled symlink to directory conversion: /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Sat Dec 13 15:08:44 UTC 2014

Followup-For: Bug #768286
Control: found -1 4.1.1-3


I can still reproduce this issue on this upgrade path:

  squeeze -> wheezy -> jessie

Making piuparts a bit more verbose, I now get

1m49.9s ERROR: FAIL: silently overwrites files via directory symlinks:
  /usr/share/doc/python-zope.interface-dbg/changelog.Debian.gz (python-zope.interface-dbg) != /usr/share/doc/python-zope.interface/changelog.Debian.gz (python-zope.interface)
    /usr/share/doc/python-zope.interface-dbg -> /usr/share/doc/python-zope.interface
  /usr/share/doc/python-zope.interface-dbg/copyright (python-zope.interface-dbg) != /usr/share/doc/python-zope.interface/copyright (python-zope.interface)
    /usr/share/doc/python-zope.interface-dbg -> /usr/share/doc/python-zope.interface

Looks like you need to use the absolute path of the link
target in your .maintscript files:

-symlink_to_dir /usr/share/doc/python-zope.interface-dbg python-zope.interface 4.1.1-3~
+symlink_to_dir /usr/share/doc/python-zope.interface-dbg /usr/share/doc/python-zope.interface 4.1.1-4~

dpkg-maintscript-helper will try both 
and one of the must match the old target for actions to be taken.

(notice the version bump in the maintscript to catch upgrades that "failed" in -3)


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