[Pkg-zsh-devel] Installing zsh completion files

Frank Terbeck ft at bewatermyfriend.org
Fri Jul 26 18:49:58 UTC 2013

William Giokas wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 03:48:41PM +0200, Frank Terbeck wrote:
>> Felipe Sateler wrote:
>> > While zsh provides great completion functions for many programs,
>> > sometimes a better one is crafted by the program authors. Where should
>> > a program install the completion file? It seems to me that
>> > /u/s/zsh/vendor-completions is the correct place, but I wanted to
>> > confirm that.
>> For other debian packages that is precisely the intended location to
>> install additional completion functions. The two directories
>> `vendor-completions' and `vendor-functions' are located very early in
>> $fpath, so that anything in them overrides any function of the same
>> name, that zsh may ship.
> I would just warn you that debian seems to be the only distribution that
> thinks about using vendor-functions. And looking through your packages,
> you have me confused. Using apt-file, I found nothing in
> /usr/share/zsh/vendor-functions/ in any package.

We have added the directory after someone specifically asked for a place
to install completion files to:


People may be using the directories with private packages, like the
submitter of the bug.

Introducing the directories makes sense, because it allows upstream, us
packagers and admins a maximum amount of control of function files:

  1. If the file is in /usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions it is used
     (this is the the-admin-always-wins option) no matter what.

  2. If the file is in one of the debian-specific "vendor-*"
     directories, any package different from zsh may add new or override
     functions shipped with zsh (this is the
     distribution-overrules-upstream option).

  3. If the two previous options don't trigger, use zsh's functions from
     the rest of its $fpath (this is the fall-back-to-zsh option).

> I have no idea how
> reliable that is, but I also have no vendor-functions on my system.

There is nothing to warn about. The `vendor-functions' directory is only
of concern for debian packages. And the maintainer of the package needs
to make sure it is used.

Starting with debian's 4.3.12-1 packages these directories are active.
And they will remain active, because it makes sense for us as a vendor
to provide directories like that, as I outlined above.

> zsh
> should, by default, be installing its completions to
> $prefix/share/zsh/$version.

It shouldn't. For example, that wouldn't work if zsh was compiled with
the `--enable-function-subdirs' compile-time option to remedy the
one-directory-full-of-everything approach:


Debian builds its packages like that and personally, I'm doing that as

Regards, Frank

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