[Pkg-zsh-devel] Bug#747141 debhelper: dh_installdocs --link-doc forces source-version dependencies (was: Re: Bug#766795: afterstep not binnmu safe and not installable in sid)

Julien Cristau jcristau at debian.org
Sun Nov 9 17:07:37 UTC 2014

On Sun, Nov  9, 2014 at 17:32:53 +0100, Axel Beckert wrote:

> > I've just uploaded afterstep 2.2.12-3, which removes usage of
> > {misc:Depends} as a work-around.
> I suspect that's currently the only solution. zsh is affected, too:
> Depends: zsh-common (= 5.0.7-3), zsh-common (= 5.0.7-3+b1), [...]
> debian/control says:
> Depends: zsh-common (= ${source:Version}),
>          ${misc:Depends},
> 	 [...]
> So it may be worth reinvestigating this issue instead of removing
> ${misc:Depends} from tons of packages (and causing lintian warnings
> about that) and requesting freeze exceptions for all these uploads. (I
> expected hundreds of them, zsh and afterstep only being some
> examples.)
> Any advice by the release team on this issue is appreciated.
Removing the Depends is unacceptable.  These packages need to stop using
link-doc (and do the appropriate symlink-to-dir dance on upgrades).

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