[Pkg-zsh-devel] Bug#768937: Bug#768937: zsh: [patch] not binNMU-safe due to --link-doc between arch-dep and arch-indep

Simon McVittie smcv at debian.org
Tue Nov 11 10:22:05 UTC 2014

On 11/11/14 02:10, Axel Beckert wrote:
> I'm not yet sure what's the culprit, but after applying your patch
> (without the changelog) to the current HEAD of our packging git repo,
> the installation of zsh-common always aborts as follows:
> Preparing to unpack zsh-common_5.0.7-4_all.deb ...
> Unpacking zsh-common (5.0.7-4) over (5.0.7-3+0~20141111001757.238~1.gbp353e05) ...
> dpkg: error processing archive zsh-common_5.0.7-4_all.deb (--install):
>  unable to open '/usr/share/doc/zsh-common/ChangeLog-3.0.gz.dpkg-new': No such file or directory

Huh. Sorry, it worked for me...

> I currently suspect that dpkg-maintscript-helper may be confused
> because because /usr/share/doc/zsh is now a directory inside zsh _and_
> zsh-common.

Perhaps. If that's the case, one way to solve it would be to move the
symlinks from zsh-common into zsh; but because they're built in separate
Makefile targets, and some of the target files are compressed whereas
others aren't, that would involve either some awkward hard-coding, or
doing zsh-common's dh_installdocs, dh_installchangelogs,
dh_installexamples and dh_compress even though not actually building

At this point I would be very tempted to duplicate NEWS.Debian and
README.Debian in the zsh package, not bother with symlinks for the rest,
and mention in README.Debian that various extra bits of documentation,
including the upstream changelog, can now be found in

A lot of the zsh-common documents seem like they should be in zsh-doc
anyway (historic changelogs, credits, development style guides,
META-FAQ, zsh.texi.gz, etc.) or even not packaged (FTP-README,
MACHINES); see also #469521. The release team would probably not be
delighted by that change at this stage of the release process, though.


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