[Pkg-zsh-devel] Mrs. Jessica's last wishes.

Jessica Ding binhminh at bmcc.com.vn
Tue Nov 6 19:39:51 GMT 2018

Dear Beloved, 

I’m Mrs Jessica Hunt Ding, an aging widow. married to late MR. Choa Ding. i have been diagnosed for cancer for a long period 

of time and my only son (YING DING) died in  "Malaysia Airlines Flight 370" 

right now i dont have anybody to fullfil my heart desires
I have (US $ 5,400.000.00) I want to us for humanitarian aid. If you will be able to use these funds honestly please reply 

to my email private (jessicahunt1960 at net-c.com) as soon as you are able because there is not much time.

Jessica Hunt Ding

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